I’m an expert in Google Ads Pay Per Click and guarantee you’ll get better results fast.

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  1. Experience – I’ve been in the PPC industry since 2001, Managing client’s Google PPC Ads accounts since 2003 and I keep up with Google’s ever changing PPC landscape.
  2. Time – Your time is valuable and face it, pay per click management is a full time job.
  3. Keyword Research – I will hand-pick the most relevant keyword phrases to not only increase click-through ratios, but to target the most qualified customers for you.
  4. High Quality Landing Pages (Custom Landing Pages on Plans 2-4) – By creating an optimized page for each one of your keyword groups, Google will lower your bid price for those keywords for keeping the page extremely relevant.
  5. Google Analytics – I will install Google Analytics on all pages on your website to better track and analyze customer behaviors, improve click-through rates and to make performance improving changes.
  6. Campaign Monitoring – I don’t “set and forget it.” PPC campaign has to be monitored and refined on a daily basis to ensure the most effective ROI.
  7. Support – Being a valued client of mine, you will receive any support needed via phone or email with myself.
  8. Reporting – You will receive a detailed report each month on the performance of your PPC campaign and the performance of other.

Why use Google Ads PPC to promote your website and it’s benefits:

  • Immediate traffic – start reaching targeted customers in as little as 15 minutes
  • I can easily control your daily and monthly spending budget
  • Set your own budget for each campaign
  • Control the maximum amount of money you will pay every time someone clicks on your adAdd as many keywords to your pay per click campaign as you would like at no extra charge
  • Your PPC campaigns are easily measurable
  • PPC marketing is cost effective
  • PPC can be used for any size business
  • Reach a network of people who are looking for your products or services
  • No monthly minimum spend limit

No Contracts – Service is Always Month to Month
My clients choose to work with me each month based on value. I do not hold any of my clients to a contract of service. Service can be canceled at anytime after the first month.

Monthly  includes:

  • Strategic Bid Management
  • Monitoring Clicks, Conversions
  • Refining and Testing Creative Ads
  • Personal consultations as needed
  • Monthly reporting and consultations

Setup includes:

  • Initial Strategy Consultation
  • Advanced keyword research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Google account setup
  • Strategic Ad Copywriting
  • Landing Page selections/recommendations
    (Custom Landing Pages on Plans 2-4)
  • Setup campaigns, ad groups and keywords
  • Install tracking codes