Music clips of Jeff Garner

I first wanted to play drums but that was too loud for my parents, so they bought me a classical guitar and I took classical guitar lessons. In my mid-teens I was listening to rock and metal bands like Judas Priest, Rush, Iron Maiden, Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Dokken and many more which I learned to play most of their songs. By the time I turned 21 years old I knew, by heart, over 2300 songs, which helped me easily get into any of the local bands I wanted to play with.  I taught guitar at several music stores for a couple of years.

Since then, I’ve had to pleasure of performed as a session guitarist in studios with many talented musicians and songwriters as well as composing his own material. Jeff Garner has joined the Carson City Nevada progressive metal band: Project 13.


Saturday Jam – 2017


Timeless – 1993
This song goes way back to 1993. I wrote this measure by measure not knowing what was going to be next. The guitar harmonies are real and not a harmonizer. This song was played on radio stations on the west coast and noticed by a promoter from LA. and used for a backing track for a commercial on ESPN2 in 1994.

Emotive – 2018


Toto – Africa (Jeff Garner/Bruce Gaetke full remake)
Recorded in 2007 in Zion studios Bruce and I remade this from scratch. Bruce is singing
lead vocals and real drums. I’m singing backing vocals, guitar, bass, keys, ear candy.
Took 14 hours from start to finish on 41 tracks.


I like to remake songs that were popular as it’s good practice. This is some clips of “Still of The Night” by Whitesnake.


Various styles

True to Myself


Feel the Change (guitar solo)


All I Need (ending solo)


If you would like to contact me, call or text: 7 7 5 – 553 8772

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