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Perma Treat will clean, protect and bring new life to your countertops, bathroom showers, tile floors, outdoor patio and all your hard surfaces.

Our trained technicians will come to you and provide a complete evaluation of all your hard surfaces. We will give you a detailed, written estimate for restoring the natural beauty to each hard surface location in and outside your home, allowing you to prioritize problem areas or schedule work to be completed over time. Some examples include granite, porcelain, ceramic, quartz, slate, travertine, pavers, concrete, glass and more.

Perma Treat Cleaning & Sealing Services

From patios to kitchen countertops, from bathroom showers to stone walkways, if it’s a hard surface in your home, we can seal it permanently at Perma Treat.

Countertop Cleaning & Sealing

You’ve invested thousands into your granite countertops. But they now seem dull, smear easily, with fingerprints everywhere. Why is that?

Because while granite may seem hard and smooth to the naked eye, on the microscopic level it contains tiny peaks and valleys where bacteria and dirt live.

The result is a dullness you can see and feel. When you clean your granite countertop you only clean the surface. Dirt and bacteria remain below the surface, causing smearing that seems impossible to clean.

Tile & Grout Cleaning & Sealing Services in Reno Nevada

Tile and Grout Sealing Reno Carson CitySealing your tile and grout is a crucial step to help you keep it clean and stain free. Perma Treat uses our own proprietary sealant that creates an impermeable layer below the surface of the porous tile and grout, providing maximum protection and making these areas easier to clean. Most sealers only last six months to a year and then require resealing. With Perma Treat’s guaranteed sealer, your tile and grout will be permanently sealed. Tile types include ceramic tile, travertine tile, limestone, slate, porcelain and more.

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Perma Treat will bring new life and protection back to your countertops, bathroom showers, tile floors, outdoor patio, and all your hard surfaces.

About Us - Perma Treat

Perma Treat was borne from the idea that sealing hard surfaces shouldn’t result in short-term protection and long-term dirt and discoloration. Sealing should be a permanent solution for such a large investment in your home, never allowing the opportunity for these surfaces to become dull, dirty or difficult to clean.

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Perma Treat has received 3.45 out of 5 stars based on 2 Customer Reviews and a BBB Rating of A.

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2 reviews of Perma Treat "Permatreat has been a must for our family and our properties. The process is quick, easy and a great value. We decided to put porous marble ...

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Perma Treat Pro cleans, sterilizes and seals natural stone including counter tops, shower areas, driveways and more.

Under the order of the Carson City county for shelter in place, our business is continuing to provide essential services to all local Carson City/Reno businesses. The health of our clients and ourselves are of utmost importance and we have established Covid19 protocols for our team members to follow when they visit your business. 
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