There’s one big problem about trying to teach SEO .. and that is communicating the subtleties that you know in your bones from countless experiments that you’ve done .. watching the way the search engines react every time a new article or video is added, or a headline is changed.

There are so many nuances that, especially taken together, make a BIG difference, that it’s hard to explain .. unless you are there, watching it all go down.

Of course there are takeaways .. make sure your keyword is in the title, make sure your backlink anchor text uses a variation of your title keyword .. that kind of thing.  And those aren’t that hard to teach – however they can be hard to LEARN.

You are sitting there, listening to someone talk about what to do .. and taking notes . and thinking about what you have seen happen … all at the same time.

And you miss that one crucial thing, often times even on a replay – because it sounds like a throw away remark.

There is one way to fix this problem.  Come and sit in the labs.  Participate in the tests, watch the search engines do their thing and we talk about all of this in the skype room.

Nothing is left unseen.  Nothing is left out.  You understand the take aways and the subtleties.  You FEEL it in your BONES.