Five huge lies about WordPress and web design that’s what we’re going over today, and I’m excited about it because there are a bunch of myths floating around in the WordPress web design world. The problem with these myths is kind of like all myths.

Either they come with a sort of like a little handful of truth – bundled into it, but then the problem is that when you believe this stuff, it is such a limiting belief.

It’s the kind of thing that it stifles to grow through your business; it prevents you from going out and helping and serving clients.

It means that you often will charge unsustainable rates there are so many problems that are kind of in the mix, and that’s what we’re going to be talking about today, and so there’s going to be five different things.

Now I hear many myths. I talk to many people and probably have spoken to over 500 people or so in the last six months.

In one on one about these types of issues and but I hear a lot of different things come up over and over and that’s what I wanted to distill down for us today.

We will go through maybe the five most common things that I hear that have the most massive negative impact on trying to run your business.

There’s more than just five total, but these are like the big ones that come up the most often that have the most detrimental effect.

Also, I think that after at the end of all of this I think you’re going to come away with some new clarity and some insight on what’s going on in the WordPress world today and how you can do a better job for your for yourself or your clients you know growing your business.

The whole thing I think once you begin to think about some of the shifts that we’re going to be talking about today I think you’re going to come away with you know with better business and being able to help your clients.

In reality, your clients are going to be thanking you for it, so that’s what we’re talking about here today.

I’m going to save the most significant myth for last because I’m going to spend the most time on that one, but there are a bunch of other ones to kind of get through today.

So I’m Jeff, and I am the founder of InterSnap.

I help WordPress developers scale their business to turn an extra five to ten thousand dollars per month with the workload that you can kind of handle on your own.

The WordPress world is different now than it’s ever been. The whole web design world is different now than it’s ever been in dramatically different ways.

For example, there are thousands of themes out there not only are there so many themes, but people are beginning to shift from themes more towards like page builders.

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