Audio Cleanup and Restoration Service Carson City NV

Professional Audio Restoration and Rescue Service | Reducing/Eliminating Background Noise and Artifacts

audio cleanup and restoration service carson city nv

A dependable audio noise reduction service for your Youtube videos, podcasts, conversation interview, commercial, film or game. You will receive an uncluttered, polished final product in our recording studio. This service can resolve the most common audio issues like pops, hiss, clicks and background noise as well as room echo.

I can save otherwise unusable audio using sound restoration along with noise reduction methods that have been proven to salvage and enhance audio.

I have been an audio engineer since 1987 with 2 professional recording studios.

My nickname in the recording studios is “The Touch” and there’s a good reason for that. I have perfect pitch and a lot of God-given talent!


  • Audio track processing
  • Dialogue cleanup
  • Reduced room overtones
  • Reduce background noise
  • Echo suppression and reverberation
  • Remove the clicks from the mouth
  • Removal of sibilance and plosives
  • Eliminating wind noise
  • Reducing other sounds that are undesirable
  • Audio enhancement
  • Audio normalization



  • < 5 Minutes of audio = $95
  • <10 Minutes of audio = $145
  • < 20 Minutes of audio = $235
  • < 40 Minutes of audio = $375
  • < 60 Minutes of audio = $485

Audio Cleanup and Restoration Service Carson City NV

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