Best Guitarist Reno Carson City NVHere are some full songs & sound clips of my music styles and capabilities.

You will have to listen to the entire selection to know all different styles I play.

Also some remakes on my Youtube channel:

Neo-Classical Guitarist in Reno Carson City Nevada


Jeff Garner Music

This song goes way back to 1993. I wrote this measure by measure not knowing what was going to be next. The guitar harmonies are real and  not a harmonizer. This song was played on radio stations in the central California Valley and noticed by a promoter from LA. and used for a basketball clip on ESPN2 in 1994.

I like to remake songs that were popular as it’s good practice. This is some clips of “Still of The Night” by Whitesnake. Note: I met David Coverdale in 1988 and he asked for my demo tape as he was looking for a replacement guitarist at the time.


by Jeff Garner/Todd D. | Blue Ivory

Eclectic Jungle

by Jeff Garner/Todd D. | Blue Ivory

Blue Ivory

by Jeff Garner/Todd D. | Blue Ivory

Indian Summer

by Jeff Garner/Todd D. | Blue Ivory

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